Friday, December 12, 2008

Mummies looks

The mummies look very dirty, and are falling apart still today. It's has been over 700 years,there.They must of wrapped them very Some have heads, some don't. This is because some were wrapped tighter than others. You would want to be rich to have you're head. So you better start saving up. I mean unless you want to be the headless mummy who doesn't like pie. If you don't like pie that's you're problem... The wealthy mummies got treated better. The weather for mummies was extreme cold, very low humidity, and have been exposed to chemicals. Even kids were mummified! From my opinion I think these pictures look disgusting. But this is what they really look like. Think about it. When people dress up for Halloween to be a mummies the just wrap them self up in toilet paper. Well that's surely what they didn't do to still be here today.


  1. they've been there for 700 years thats a really long time. really didnt no how fragile they were.

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  3. i agree 700 is a long time, and some of the mummies still havent fallen apart werid in a way but still pretty cool