Friday, December 12, 2008


Well you are most likely thinking I'm going to list all the steps, just the steps. Well get ready cause you are right...

Step 1: The body is washed with palm wine. Not the wine you're thinking of. That would just be GROSS!
Step 2: The body is rinsed with water from the Nile River. Think of how dirty the Nile is I mean they use it for everything.Even bathing DEAD bodies!
Step 3: A small cut is made in the left side of the body. YUCK! Don't wanna see that. Who would?
Step 4: The internal organs which are the liver, lungs, small intestines, and large intestines, are removed. OK, Didn't need to know that...
Step 5: The brains are removed. A long hook inserted through the nose will pull the brains out. (The Egyptians did not know what the brain was for, so they removed it.) BLAH! I have lunch next!
Step 6: The body is covered and stuffed with natron salt. This is known as the drying stage. Dry a body?
Isn't it dry enough.
Step 7: Wait forty days for the body to dry. That's a long time. I would most likely forget knowing me...
Step 8: The body will be washed with water from the Nile River. Didn't we already use that disgusting water once.
Step 9: The body is covered with sweet smelling oils. What kinda sweet? like good sweet or blah! sweet?
Step 10: The body is stuffed with dry things, such as sawdust, leaves, and linen. OUCH! That would be uncomfortable! Although you are dead.
Step 11: The body is covered with more oils. MORE?!
Step 12: The internal organs are put into the canopic jars. Now the body is ready for the next stage, wrapping. WOW! that is one heck of a long process. Good job if you finished reading it!

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  1. Loved how funny it was i mean laugh out loud!!
    how you made it fun and not sound boring really helped.